Compatibility of a pressure sensor

Can i use a different pressure sensor in this link it only have 3 pins do i need to convert to digital or can i use pixhawk adc?

Hi @angelorisonk -
That sensor seems to have an analog voltage output. The max voltage is 4.5V, which is higher than the Pixhawk ADC can accommodate! I would recommend a voltage-divider circuit as a workaround, or if you need a sensor with higher range and rated for continuous use, the Blue Robotics Bar100?

Bro i would love to buy blue robotics sensor the problem i am from India after custom duties I cannot afford it and thanks for your replay there is any way to integrate this sensor can i use a voltage level translator i saw on in blue robotics store?

Hi @angelorisonk ,

Unfortunately it isn’t doable straight-away.

There are currently no analog baros support in ardupilot at all.
I can think of three alternatives:

  • Use this PR and write a lua script to provide pressure using a reading from the analog sensor,
  • Implement a new AP_Baro backend that takes lua script readings, similar to the link above
  • Implement a new AP_Baro backend for analog baros.

You will also need to keep this in mind, ArduSub requires a BARO_TYPE_WATER driver to be happy.


any alternative way like using a adc?

not without writing some code for the pumbling. Tridge`s PR might be the easiest solution, together with supressing the TYPE_BARO_WATER check

Thank you for your reply. I understand now that there isn’t a straightforward way to integrate the sensor directly due to the current limitations in ArduPilot’s support for analog barometers. Editing the backend program seems like a viable path, but given my current time constraints, I’ve decided to go with a simpler solution for now. I will purchase the recommended sensor and focus on waterproofing it for my needs. Perhaps in the future, I’ll explore the more technical route you’ve outlined. Thanks again for your guidance!