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"check thruster 1 and frame setup"

hey all,
I am at a stall on another one of the ROVs I’m working on. when I run the motor test, I get an error for engine one. looking at the blade it is CCW and and from what I can tell it is plugged into the correct port.

is there something im missing?

Thank you

Hi @RoyceRobotics,

Is this when running the Motor Setup test for thruster 1, or are you getting the error while running Automatic Motor Direction Detection? If it’s during direction detection, can you try just the single thruster test and see if the expected one rotates when you tell it to?

Feel free to include a photo if that’s helpful. Also if there’s any chance the motor could have been manually reassigned to a different servo output then it’s likely worth checking the SERVO1_FUNCTION parameter :slight_smile:

  • While the ROV is off, can you spin that thruster freely by hand, or is there some resistance? It’s possible there’s something caught in it (e.g. fishing line, large particles) that’s causing it to stall
  • If you’re using a non-standard thruster configuration then it’s also worth checking the Frame tab and making sure the correct frame is selected for the vehicle