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Cheap Transducers for an open source implementation of DVL

Hi all!
I’m working on an open source DVL. The most important design criteria is of course the price. Therefore I’ll work with affordable parts (of the shelf). A few days ago I got a sample of a “Lucky Fishfinder Transducer” . Unfortunately without any documentation. I found some data in the dark deep of Amazon of a transducer that is equipped with the same 4 pole connector. This transducer seems to be a dual mode transducer with 83KHz and 200Khz. A temperature sensor is also included.
I don’t want to dissect that tiny thing (now) so my question: has someone experience with the transducer or any schematics or any pinout?
BTW : The ODVL is meant to work together with Antys Amethyst AUV Platform.

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A general answer is that 2 wires is thermistor for temperature sense.
2 wires is for piezo element that emitt/receive depth pulses.

To find thermistor, resistance measure while you warm the tranducer.
Then the other two wires is depth element, go ahead and try transmitting testing!

Hi Bo,
thanks for your reply.
I’ll post the results and all my findings soon!
Greetings from the Baltic Sea

Hi @Soenke,

Thank you for sharing the project and make it open source, hope to see an update soon!