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Changing the video record resolution

Video is streaming at 1920x1080, but recording at 800x600. How would I change the record setting back to 1920x1080?

Hi @gcelec,

Can you share a piece of the video ?
Are you recording in QGC ? Is the QGC resolution also 800x600 ?

Hi @patrickelectric.

I’ll DM the link to video. How do you change the resolution in QGC? These are the only settings I’ve been able to change:

Hi @patrickelectric - Just following up on this - did you get the link to the video I DM’d? If I were to change the recording resolution - where would I do that?

Hi @gcelec,

The video stream is recorded with the same resolution that you are receiving in QGC. Sorry if I was not clear, but I was asking if in QGC you can also see or compare the resolution that QGC is showing in the video widget, the difference between 800x600 vs 1920x1080 should be pretty clear in size and pixel density inside QGC video widget.

Try to click in “Default gstreamer options” and after that “Apply gstreamer options” and restart companion after a couple of seconds.