Raspberry Pi Camera Streaming quality issues

Hi Everyone,
I’m having an issue with the Raspberry Pi Camera. The video stream in QGroundcontrol look fine sometimes, but then quality cuts down drastically every few seconds and you can’t even distinguish what the camera is seeing. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks for your help!

Here’s the regular, good view:

And here’s what it looks like when it’s having the issue:

your computer is the limiter, nothing wrong with the camera or sub.


You need a minimum of an I5 processor and probably a 1080 screen display.

Navigate to and click on the Camera Tab.

The normal Frame size is 1080p. Try the next lower value which I believe is 720p.

If going to the lower Frame size results in a steady display then you need to either run at a lower resolution or get a laptop with at least an I5 and 1080p screen resolution.

I had the same problem until I upgraded to an I7 laptop with a 1080p screen resolution.


If you plan to run a screen recorder program you also need a proper GPU or you will run into the same problem again.


Please follow the troubleshooting steps for Poor video streaming performance on ardusub.com and take notes about it. If your issue still persists after that, please let me know your results of the troubleshooting steps.