Change Vehicule Setup and Ethernet Cable probleme

Hello, as part of my studies, I need to make a small RC boat autonomous. For this, we bought several components (antenna, router, base stations, Raspberry Pi, and prowler). However, we are missing the RJ45 cable needed to connect the router to the Raspberry Pi and to power the router. If someone has the schema of the cable, could you please share it?

Also, I managed to connect to the Raspberry Pi, connect my motors, and get them started. However, I’m having trouble changing the vehicle configuration, which remains set to ROV. I can’t switch to BlueBoat.

Hi @Laughing_Josh -
As we shared via email, the RJ45 cable used is a standard ethernet cable. This is the standard pinout (586B)

To configure your vehicle as a boat, you’ll need to flash ArduRover firmware. The vehicle setup wizard can accomplish this for you, just connect BlueOS to a WiFi network with internet first.

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To follow up -
If you’re looking for the pinout in order to apply 24V passive POE, to power the Mikrotik radio, it is as follows:
Pins 4&5 should be positive voltage, with 7&8 connected to ground.

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thanks you, i’m gonna create another post for more questions and explain more of my project