Can't connect to vehicle


I was out yesterday testing ROV and everything worked fine.

Today when I start, I get no contact (only camera is shown). I have removed the memory card from Raspberry and formatted but no success. I have also tested on another computer but the same problem there.
I can connect to

Hi @niklas_diver, apologies on the delay in getting to this.

That’s quite unusual, and unexpected. Assuming you’re using our Companion software, are you able to see Pixhawk as a Detected Device, and mavproxy as one of the Active Services on the System page of the Companion web interface?

Out of interest, did you update your macOS version recently? About a week ago we had an issue where MacOS 12.2 seemingly caused some issues with UDP communication.

Hi Eliot!
After having both memory cards out and formatting and updating the software, it’s up and running again.
Surprised at how it can stop working from one day to the next without having configured or updated the computer.
Glad it works again, thanks for the help.
This link led to success

//Niklas, Sweden

Hej @niklas_diver,

Glad to hear you managed to sort out the issue! :slight_smile:

So are we - that’s not expected behaviour, and is understandably something we actively try to avoid!

On that note, one of the main goals with BlueOS (which will be replacing the Companion software) is increased robustness. While it’s definitely convenient to have a “nuke the system” option for starting fresh, that should be an absolute last resort, particularly given the work involved in opening up the vehicle and removing and flashing SD cards. The existing software stack and updating processes unfortunately haven’t been sufficiently stable to provide the experience we want, and BlueOS has been very much designed with lessons from that in mind, along with the intent that opening the enclosure should only need to happen when hardware is actually being modified or added :slight_smile: