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Can't connect to Pingviewer on a new laptop

I have a new laptop. I can connect to QgroundControl and the companion Pi but Pingviewer doesn’t discover the Ping360 which is connected via ethernet.
I have another laptop on the same network ( that can discover and run the Ping 360 so I know that it’s working properly. Could it be a firewall setting on the new laptop?
I deleted the pingviewer release folder and re-downloaded it in case a file was corrupted but that didn’t help.

Hi @gcelec,

We have been notified by some users that this may be a problem, try to disable firewall or add a new rule for Ping-Viewer.

Thank you @patrickelectric
I created a new Inbound Rule in Windows Defender Firewall and it worked.

Hi @gcelec,

Thanks for updating, can you share how have you created the inboud rule ? That may help others users with the same problem.

Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall
Advanced Settings
Inbound Rules
New Rule
Rule Type : Program
Program path: **browse for the location where you store Pingviewer - eg C:\Users\geoff\Downloads\pingviewer_release\deploy and select “pingviewer.exe”
Action - Allow the connection
Profile - select Domain, Private and Public
Name - Pingviewer


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