Can't connect to companion, connected to QGC

I am having a strange issue where I cannot connect to the companion software, but I am getting telemetry and video to QGroundControl. This is odd to me because since QGC is connected, that means the ethernet connection is valid, but I cannot get companion to connect. I am using a pixhawk and rasp pi. The version of companion was 0.0.31 and QGC is 4.2.3.

A thing to note is that when it connects to QGC, It will send an error message saying either the primary or secondary link is not connected, and that it switches to the other link. It goes back and forth between the primary and secondary links on different reboots.

I checked my network configuration to see if I had any other ethernet ports running on same IP address but there are none connected so that is not the case.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

Hi @Jnyberg,

Given the video stream and telemetry are coming through, the Companion Software must be performing at least some functionalities as expected, in which case perhaps it’s just the web interface that’s failing somehow?

A few questions:

  1. Does it continue to fail the same way when you refresh the web page, and when you reboot the Companion computer?
  2. Are you using a static IP address, or something else?
  3. Have you successfully connected to this same vehicle with the same setup previously, or are you testing a new setup / computer?
  4. Are you able to ssh into the system, and see whether screen -ls has a running webui session, and if so try screen -r webui and see whether there are any error messages?
    • e.g. ssh pi@, password=companion
  5. The Companion Software doesn’t have particularly great debugging or recovery tools or options, so if this isn’t an issue with your topside network configuration then you’ll likely need to re-flash Companion onto your SD card, and/or switch to a new SD card

This isn’t something I’ve come across before. It may be related to / indicative of your current issues, but the fact that the telemetry information is getting through at all means that mavproxy’s telemetry forwarding must be working at least in some capacity, so at least some part of the software are seemingly working.