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Can anyone help me solve some issues with my code?

Hey so I’m looking for some input and help into why my motors might be acting weird. I got them working a few weeks ago but have been unable to get them to work properly when run through my tether. I started using a sample code and have slightly modified and it worked fine while I was dry testing in a test bench but once I ran it through the tether when I power it up with the joysticks stable all the motors power on at once cycling on and off, which from my best guess is them pushing over their limit and then powering down, and then rebooting on around a 10 second cycle. When I plug in my laptop and check the serial monitor I see this. Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this issue?

It sounds like your tether may be changing the physical constants (resistance) of your joysticks. Re-calibrate the system after it is assembled so that the forward and vertical commands read zero when the joysticks are centered. Adjust the joystick center and range constants to accomplish this.