Camera Trigger in QGroundControl

Hi! I am using QGroundControl to pilot a BlueROV2. When I hit the camera button to take a picture, I get an error message that says “MAV_CMD_DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command not supported”. Does anyone know how to get the camera set up so that I can take pictures with QGroundControl? Thanks!

Hi @akenny, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The photo control in QGroundControl is set up for MAVLink-enabled cameras that support internal image capture, which isn’t available on our Low-Light HD USB Camera (used on the BlueROV2).

The simplest approach would likely be to just use a keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot when you want an image, although that will also capture the QGC interface. If it’s important to have an image without the interface on it then:

  • if you’re already recording the video, you can extract a frame from the video at the desired time (taking a screenshot at the time would probably be the easiest way of quickly recording the timestamp(s) of interest)
  • you could make an Issue requesting that local frame capture be enabled in a similar way to how local video recording is supported for cameras without onboard recording capabilities, or for an independent frame capture feature to be added with a standalone button/shortcut (there’s no particular reason that needs to be tied to what the camera supports, and saving the current frame on the computer is likely quite a bit faster than ‘take an image’ MAVLink requests anyway), although issues have no guaranteed implementation/resolution time
  • if full-frame images are a requirement (i.e. at the camera’s image resolution, instead of its streaming/video resolution) then you’ll need a different camera type that can support that

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