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How to capture a picture?

How to capture a picture using joystick

Hi Aswad, I don’t believe the camera shutter function is implemented at present, There is a function for it in the button menu though, so hopefully it will be a future update, I would suggest using a free screen capture software or even the x-box game bar and bind a key to it so it can be minimised to run in the background.

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why when we reinstall the QGroundControl application and try to re-open the application, its appear “a second instance of QGroundControl is already running. Please close the other instance and try again.”

I had this 1 or 2 times when our Bluerov2 was new, I had to force close it with windows task manager, been OK since.

but, in my case, it still cannot be open after I force shut down at windows task manager, several times.

I’d recommend restarting your computer in this case, so that it closes any currently open versions of QGroundControl. Then when you’ve logged back in make sure to only open it once. It can take a while to start up, so be patient once you’ve double-clicked it to open - clicking again won’t make it faster, but can cause issues with opening multiple copies of the program (as you’ve already found).

Correct that the camera shutter function isn’t currently implemented. I believe it requires a mavlink-compatible camera, whereas the camera we use just outputs an efficient streaming format that we use the companion computer to stream up to the top computer. I don’t believe making a workaround for this is something that’s currently being worked on, since it’s already possible to record video, and if you need images from that the individual frames can be extracted from the video file.

If capturing images without capturing video is important to you, or you want to display the controls over the image (note the video recording feature records the video sent by the ROV, with a telemetry overlay as subtitles) then using your operating system’s screenshot functionality could be useful - there should already be a keyboard shortcut available for it.