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Camera profiles and switching between them


we are making custom profiles for BlueROV HD camera, for various visibility scenarios underwater.

I was wondering, is there any quick way of switching between the various profiles, so video feed from QGC can be mantained?

A joystick trigger perhaps (maybe with some macro function)?

It’s hard to click on surface laptop while you are down there. :joy:

Also, if anyone wants to share expirience with setting up camera for various lighting conditions, that would be great and we can discuss various expiriences.

Thanks all!

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Hi @mateov,
Unfortunately I can’t think of a good way to do that.

If you are willing to write some code, I think you could interact with the companion websocket to switch the profiles using a Python script that also reads the joystick, but I’m not sure how troublesome that would be.

About the VR Goggles, don’t you experience motion sickness using them on a boat?