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Camera Lag and white screens


for the last couple of weeks I´ve been experiencing a lot of lag on the camera maybe 3 seconds and white refreshing screens every 5 seconds. How can I reduce that? or why is it comming now?

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Please try the troubleshooting steps here, and take notes of your results. If you continue to have problems, please share the notes of your results with me.

Did you change anything in the system? Are you using a different computer this time?

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I´ve Followed most of the steps already. Will try again tomorrow and will post results.

I have two cameras. One of them - Logitech C920, the second USB camera with H264 with Ali. If I connect cameras (or one or the other) to the top QGC computer and put a USB camera in it - the image in QGQ is normal. When I connect the camera to Pi there is no normal image. C920 shows as a picture with a constant disruption in the gray screen (sometimes partially). The second camera also shows a gray screen and crashes into “no video” after a few seconds. The camera address is defined as H264. I tried different settings, there is no normal image. What could be. Power Pi from powerbank 10,000 mah.

Screen example

The image became gray and negative

Hello Alexander,

Can you check in if it shows “under-voltage”? It is possible that your powerbank is not outputting the correct voltage or not able to sustain the current required by raspberry + Pixhawk + camera.

Alexander, Windows 10 is required. Please try a computer with Windows 10.

Thanks for the advice! Yesterday I checked QGC on a computer with Win10. Video from the Logitech C920 camera went fine. The most difficult thing was to find a computer with Windows 10. Even those of my friends who bought a laptop with Win10 removed it and installed Win7.