Building an AUV system and software

Hi I’m a high schooler who is working on software of ROV team for three years. We intended to compete auv competitions with our team next year. I’m very confused about general system structure of AUV. Slam algorithms, sensor data filters, ROS, Mavros, Sonar … Is there a documentation to follow for learning these or how can I learn.

I suggest you start here:

Hi @Rovaddict,

We don’t yet have much documentation on AUVs, because it’s not something we currently work much with or actively support. You’re welcome to search the forum for discussions on topics you’re interested in (e.g. "auv", "autonomy", etc), and start new discussions as relevant, but there isn’t really a comprehensive set of documentation or tutorials I can point you to, especially since different types of autonomy can have very different operating principles and requirements.

  • @model14’s suggestion of the general ArduPilot website is a good one, as several of the other ArduPilot vehicle types can operate semi or fully autonomously.
  • This post may be worth a read as something of an introduction to a few different ideas of autonomy, and may also be something you wish to contribute to.
  • In general, autonomy requires some form of #positioning combined with other useful sensor measurements and/or actuated tasks