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BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller - Wiring help

Is there anyone who knows how to correctly wire the control card to make it work in QGC ?

Continuing the discussion from Using the BU0836A Joystick Controller with QGC:


What’s the problem?

FYI, You need to wire the joystick before windows detect it properly.


Etienne, QGC did not recognize. So obviously the wiring must have been wrong (or less likely the circuit board). That is why I am asking if someone can help draw the lines where the wires should go. If the wiring is correct then the circuit board is not working

Can you show us How you’ve wired it?


I have now dismantled the board and will re-wire it again. But out of curiosity, should QGC recognice the the board without the joystick and buttons connected as long as it is connected with the usb?

This is how i plan to connect the button in matrix config. I am a bit unshure how to wire the two joystics though.

You would think it would but it doesn’t. Wasted hours trying to understand what was wrong with the pcb until I decided to wire it and windows picked it up…

your wiring seems fine