Bridges on BluesOS

Hi everyone,

I am creating bridges according to But I have to send a message so server (raspberry pi) knows there is a client.

Is there anyway to do it withoud sending a message?

Is it possible to cause a problem in communication?


Hi @ugurdemirezen,

You’ve put this in the BlueOS category, but linked to Companion documentation - which onboard computer software are you actually using?

BlueOS has its own Bridges documentation.

As I understand it if a server is not communicated with then it has no reason to send messages anywhere, and doesn’t know where to send messages to. If you don’t want to send anything from the topside then you may wish to specify the topside as the server, but then it’s necessary for the device you’re connecting to to send data automatically, which many devices don’t do.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

During operation, Does sending messages to server with bridge cause some communication problem? Disconnection, delay etc.

It shouldn’t do, unless you send enough messages that you don’t have sufficient bandwidth for your other communications (e.g. telemetry and video stream).