BlueOS Bridges not Persisting

Hello everyone, first I congratulate you with this new version, but I have had problems with the bridge function, at first I can create my bridge without problem, but when I restart my raspberry pi 3B+, the ports to create my bridges do not appear again, they only appear the first time I load blueos any help is appreciated.

Hi @seba,

what version of BlueOS are you using?
Bridges should have persistency implemented since February.

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Hi, I am using the stable version 1.0.1 this only allows me to create the bridge once, after reboot the raspberry my detected ports disappear and I have error messages (attached screenshots) the curious thing is that I tried with the previous betas and from the beta 13 and earlier the problem does not occur.

Ok. My guess is that when the bridges service starts, the IP is not reachable yet and thus crashes. Can you get us the log from the service? You can get it with the Filebrowser (under Tools). The log is under /var/logs/blueos/services/bridget.

the Filebrowser is not working, it remains in a permanent loading state (attached capture), I will try to obtain the log with WinSCP ((attached log)

logfile_01-28-2022_01%3A23%3A51.log (13.0 KB)

This log is fine. It is from when you’ve added the bridge. Can you get the next one, from the following reboot? This is the one that should have the errors in it.

I think I had uploaded the wrong log, this is the correct one.
logfile_07-04-2022_16%3A51%3A18.log (1.6 KB)

Humn, not this one yet. Can you get me all of the last ones, after the first you sent me?

those are all.

logfile_07-04-2022_21%3A48%3A32.log (1.6 KB)
logfile_07-04-2022_16%3A51%3A18.log (1.6 KB)
logfile_07-04-2022_16%3A08%3A53.log (1.6 KB)
logfile_01-28-2022_01%3A23%3A51.log (13.0 KB)

Ok, this explains it better. I thought it was the wrong log because it had no log messages after the service launch, but this was because the server crashed. I’ve opened an issue to investigate that.


@seba I didn’t realize I had already fixed that bug three weeks ago haha
You can update to master (activate Pirate Mode and pull master in version-chooser) to get the update.
We are going to release a new BETA in the next days that should also have it.


*Hello, I would like to know how to transfer the serial port data to the computer

I wonder whether BLueOS can realize the function mentioned in this page at presentRouting

Hi, I highly recommend everyone that wants to use the serial bridges interface to use BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.6, is a release candidate for our next stable release 1.1.0 and there is a series of improvements that may be useful.

It’s possible to fresh a new image using the raspberry image on the previous link, or using version chooser to update the current version of BlueOS to the latest beta, following the steps here.