Message Cannot Send to Raspberry Pi 4

Hello, Im using rpi4 + flight controller board as my flight controller. and the software using BlueOS.
Recently Im trying to make my gimbal can send message and receive packet from the pc, so im make a convent board using Arduino UNO + CAN Shield to translate CAN protocool message to mavlink packet . and using uart to send to ap. and ap connet to pc using UDP. Like this diagram:

This thinking can worked by cubepilot, but using rpi4 can not receive message by UART.
Im trying to using Endpoint / Bridge, but they are not working.
Does anyone know how to receive message using BlueOS? thx.

Hi @minexo79, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry, which flight controller board are you using?

BlueOS is not really a meaningful recipient of MAVLink messages - it acts as a router to pass them along to their intended destinations, while also providing some introspection tools to allow seeing which MAVLink messages are being sent.

Your diagram doesn’t seem to show a flight controller, and if there’s no flight controller connected then BlueOS won’t be able to run its MAVLink routing functionalities. If there is one connected then I believe you should be able to set up the routing you’re after by assigning a MAVLink Endpoint to the serial port your Arduino is connected to (assuming the Arduino is talking MAVLink over the UART connection).