UDP Bridge to Control Computer

Hi everyone,
I recently switched to BlueOS which is really handy to use.
Reading the documentation, I noticed it was possible to set a UDP/TCP Bridge to the Control Computer. It got me thinking, is it possible to use this to forward the logged data directly to the Control Computer ?

As I’m working on sensors integration on the BlueROV2, it would be convenient to directly read the data on the control computer to process it after.

If a UDP client is set throught the blueOS web frontend, would it work if I set the control computer as server ? When setting the server, we need to choose a serial port but the Raspberry Pi is connected so the Tether board with a RJ45 wire so I’m not sure this would work.

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Hi @Nathan_R07,

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

That depends on the source of the data - could you describe more about the hardware you’re trying to connect, and how it connects to your onboard computer / flight controller?

Yes, if you set up a serial to UDP-client bridge in BlueOS, you’ll likely want to connect to that UDP client via a UDP server running on your control computer (at the topside).

I’m not really sure what you mean by this. The onboard computer (Raspberry Pi) has an ethernet-based connection to the topside (tether interfaces like the Fathom-X boards just do some conversion to allow the ethernet signals to travel over a different kind of tether cable). UDP runs on IP packets, so should work fine to send over an ethernet-based connection.

I asked about the bridges in order to forward the Wayfinder data to the surface computer.
Best case scenario, I am able to forward any data of different sensors I would integrate on the ROV.
Once integrated, I would directly get all logged data on the computer and I could choose where to save them.
Currently, I am only aiming to forward the Wayfinder data. I thought it could be possible by setting a UDP client on BlueOS and a server on the control computer. But not knowing much about UDP protocol, it is a bit tricky ^^’