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BR2 hard at work

Hi guys,

Just completed surveys of intake towers.

BR2 took quite a beating but in the end performed beautifully. Once again BR2 proving to be the right choice for low operational cost in-land survey work.

Wished I had the 4 verts mod for this job as I could have used the pitch to provide a smoother survey of the danger zones. We’ll make sure to plan for this next time.


Etienne - awesome work! Looks like the control box is working great!

The control box works perfectly. Makes a world of difference in flying performances and quality of survey. I just have too many useless buttons.

Now that I know the BR2 a bit better, I need to get to know your https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/rov/brov2-heavy-retrofit-r1-rp/ upgrade to finalize the concept.

I am going to change the next version to allow for pitch and roll but also add:

  • Analog gain control of each axis
  • Analog trims
  • Reverse control
  • Etc

This way it will integrate seamlessly into QGC

By the way, the client told us that we were the 4th company to attempt this survey and we were the only ones to succeed. So more ++ for BR2