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BR switch as a battery disconnect

(Jacob) #21

Wonderful work @xavier-surkus, thank you for sharing.

(Abyss Solutions) #22

Hi Chengchang,

Yea we’ve been using these relays on our ROVs for well over 100hrs of operation with no problem at all.
We’re very wary of heat, and have had no adverse effects thus far.

This link here shows the relay I’ve been using.

Have upgraded to using a reed switch this week (instead of the Blue Robotics vent plug switch) because we ran out of penetrator holes on the back of the 4" plate when upgrading to the BlueRov Heavy (lol!). After lots of testing in our tank over a range of different situaions, it’s now the permanent solution on our Heavy. If you do implement a reed switch in your design, make sure to include a flyback diode to protect the switch - more information can be found here

(chengchang) #23

Hi Jordan, thanks for the reply. I am going to try your way.

(Eloi Droniou) #24

Would it be a good idea to replace the battery-cable-penetrator on the battery enclosure by a connector (see Tether Quick Disconnect)?

The connector would act as a switch?

(Svein H.) #25

I am not familiar with a micro subconn connector or other small connectors that are capable of handling the max current peaks that we can expect from the battery.
When that said i think it will work, just know that the connector are not made for this and might fail. It is rated to max 20A pr. Connector regardless of how many pins there is in the connector.

(Njål B.) #26

Subcon power series has a 200A rated connector. 4 Pin with 50A for each pin, they also have single pin connector which can work at even higher loads.

So indeed its possible to achive a battery switch by using the connector as a disconnection, however it might come at a premium price.