Wich switch is useable?


I want to find a solution to be able to cut the power directly without disconnect my 4S. So is this switch useable ?


It looks like that will probably work. If you try it, you should vet it by monitoring the heat buildup after some short operations before trying to drive around for a long time on it.

They’ve also got a 100/200A model that should do better with heating.

Nice! Do you plan to use it with the BR switch? Can you order a termination socket with it that allowes you to connect them together?

Yes, this switch with a magnet to stop or start the power

Ok, i would like to use this one if it can bee used for this purpose. @rjehangir, what do you think?

It’s not a good idea, this switch can be use with 5A max, and the BR consume 45A.

If you want to use our penetrator switch to control the switch that @bdevis, that will probably work. I have not studied their documentation, but it looks like there is a place to connect an external switch.

You cannot use our penetrator switch on its own to switch the battery power to the ROV.

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My plan was to use the BR switch to activate the powerswitch with.

I think it’s a good solution.

Hello @SHS , just out of curiosity , have you then managed to use the Safetypowerswitch with the BR Subsea switch ?


Hi @DavideROV
I did not use the switches, just tested them. Was adviced not to so i put it ack again as original.
Would recomend you to use a solid state rele for this purpose.