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BlueROV2 battery voltage

Dear All,
What is the minimum voltage the BlueROV 2 can operate on? Is it possible to power it from a 3S LiIon battery unit with the proper current rating?
best regards,

Hi @dinogep,

The Fathom X, BEC powering the Pixhawk and Raspberry Pi, and ESCs all have a minimum operating voltage of 7v. The lights have a minimum operating voltage of 9V.

Though all the control electronics should work at nominal voltage with a 3S battery, they may begin to cut out under load when battery voltage drops below 7 V, especially when it is close to the end of it’s discharge cycle.

The lights will not be able to achieve their full brightness below 9 V.

So it’s possible, but not recommended, and adverse affects may result.


Thanks. I will try, and report back about the results.