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Low Light Camera

(Todd Sparkes) #1

Hello All, I am looking at using the Low Light camera alongside the Rasp Pi color camera. Is there a good location to take off 12vdc inside the electronics tray? If not could you recommend a 12vdc regulator? Will the CAN on the Pixhawk supply 12vdc?

(Jacob) #2

The Fathom-S board has an integrated 12V regulator as well as a video amplifier to transmit the signal over long tethers. The CAN port on the Pixhawk does not supply 12V. You can also get 12V BECs from hobby suppliers.


(Todd Sparkes) #3

Thanks Jacob. Do you know the voltage input range for the low light camera? Or is it exactly 12 vdc?

(Mark Langille) #4

It appears to be 12V and is designed to work off the Fathom S - http://docs.bluerobotics.com/camera/#analog-camera-specifications

(Rusty) #5

@canman172 - I believe the camera will work in a range of voltages. I’ve run it at 9V before and it worked fine. I’m not sure about anything lower than that.

(Todd Sparkes) #6

Thanks Rusty. I have a 12vdc distribution board. I am going to power the low light camera off that and I have baluns to try to run the video through the tether. If that doesn’t work with suitable quality I will be buying the Fathom-S board set from BR.

(Rusty) #7

Todd, I don’t think I have tried it that high yet, unfortunately. You want
to run directly from the battery? If so, not that the “14.8V” batteries go
up to 16.8V when fully charged.