Low Light Camera

Hello All, I am looking at using the Low Light camera alongside the Rasp Pi color camera. Is there a good location to take off 12vdc inside the electronics tray? If not could you recommend a 12vdc regulator? Will the CAN on the Pixhawk supply 12vdc?

The Fathom-S board has an integrated 12V regulator as well as a video amplifier to transmit the signal over long tethers. The CAN port on the Pixhawk does not supply 12V. You can also get 12V BECs from hobby suppliers.


Thanks Jacob. Do you know the voltage input range for the low light camera? Or is it exactly 12 vdc?

It appears to be 12V and is designed to work off the Fathom S - Camera Documentation

@canman172 - I believe the camera will work in a range of voltages. I’ve run it at 9V before and it worked fine. I’m not sure about anything lower than that.

Thanks Rusty. I have a 12vdc distribution board. I am going to power the low light camera off that and I have baluns to try to run the video through the tether. If that doesn’t work with suitable quality I will be buying the Fathom-S board set from BR.

Todd, I don’t think I have tried it that high yet, unfortunately. You want
to run directly from the battery? If so, not that the “14.8V” batteries go
up to 16.8V when fully charged.