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Fathom S Max Voltage

What is the max voltage for the top side Fathom S? it is listed at 20V vs the 28v of the Fathom X. Just want to confirm as we are building out our topside base station and was looking to power both interfaces from 6S lipo. Will the S handle ~25V ok or does it need to be regulated down to 20v or less? If it an issue we will probably drive both from 12v regulator for simplicity but like to avoid if not needed.

Hi Mark,

The max voltage for the Fathom-S is 20v. It uses linear regulators, which will create a lot of heat at higher voltages. I would strongly recommend regulating down to 12v. Hope that helps!


Great thanks. We will run a 12v regulator then to keep it lower. Hoping to do a setup to drive everything off the 6s lipos since we have them on hand from UAVs so be great to repurpose.