Fathom-X with 4,5V USB?

I’m building kind of a USV for the Fathom-X topside power supply. Ich would like to use a standard powerbank for that, but I’ll have to put a shottky-diode after it. So there will be 0,3-0,5V voltageloss right behind the powerbank.
Is the Fathom-X board also working reliably with 4,5-4,7V?

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All of the Shottky Diodes that I have measured usually have a forward voltage drop of around 0.1 vdc or less.

I have been using a standard 6000mah powerbank that can charge my phone,as a direct power supply for the fathom x. No modification needed.
I have had no issues so far.

@OldPowel - The Fathom-X board converts the 5V down to 3.3V for the module and it will be able to convert 4.5V down to 3.3V just as well. This should work just fine.