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Bluerov2 battery housing and blue robotics battery

(Tim Pierce) #1

Quick question again. How much clearance is there between the housing and the blue robotics Bluerov2 battery pack? If I wanted to run say, a servo wire to the front of the housing (or in this case a camera wire of identical size) would there be sufficient room to insert and remove the battery? assume a 1mm thick 3d printed wire keeper of some sort. Also how much of the housing does the battery actually use? is there enough room for a device about the size of the rov Raspbery PI camera (1/2" to 1") to be in front, facing down (my rov will have a blank spot in the bottom frame to accommodate a downward facing analog camera) I’m guessing there must be some room to accommodate the wire connections if nothing else. I suppose I could just order the housing a bit longer.

(Adam) #2

Hi Tim,

The battery is designed to pack as much energy as possible into the the battery enclosure, so there isn’t a whole lot of space left over. However, the battery pack is slightly hexagonal with some foam on the outside, so you should definitely by able to run something as thin as servo wire up alongside it. I just tested this out, and there were no problems with this. The battery is 141mm long, and flange to flange you have about 180mm to work with in the enclosure. However, the battery leads do coil up and take up most of the space in the back, pushing the battery to the front when the enclosure is closed. It might be possible, but difficult, to squeeze a Raspberry Pi camera in the front by bundling or shortening the battery leads. Putting it in the back where the wires are would be much easier…


(Tim Pierce) #3

Hmm, ok, thank you! I was thinking keeing it in the front would be less interference when removing the battery, but I could also adhere it to the backplate, possibly using the through hulls as mounting lugs for a thin ABS mount. I also need to fit my on off switch Pololu board in there, and i’m not sure how much space it will need. It might be better to combine the two into a single housing mount thing. Since I haven’t ordered the 3 inch hull yet either I could always just get it slightly longersince i’m building a custom frame anyways.

(Adam) #4


A slightly longer enclosure would probably be the best way to go if you have the space for it. Much less potential for a headache trying to squeeze everything in!