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Bluerov joy_node

I am running this github repository https://github.com/patrickelectric/bluerov_ros_playground from patrick
but when i run gazebo_teleop it doesnot work it gives me this error which i have put it on the bottome please can someone check why i am getting this error, moreover i am using ROS kinetic Edition and when i run the ps3 controller it doesnot work because of joy_node plzz can someone check


Do you have joy package installed with all necessary packages/dependencies ?
Try to search for joy_node or run joy package examples to find out what is going wrong.

I install this package

I tried to catkin_make in both with catkin_ws and inside bluerov_ros_playground.
But it still give me the same error. Is there any specific library which i should use for joystick drivers. I have searched alot on google but not able to resolve the issues.
Can you please explain how should i catkin_make the joystick_drivers
Thanks for replying

I have success fully resolve my issue by following your instruction but i am also getting another Error I dont know why please can someone check it

Moreover, I am using an PS3 controller to control the Bluerov gazebo simulation plz can someone check and let me know


Enable the verbose mode do debug what is going on with gazebo