BLUEROV is losing intermittent image on the surface. What could to do?

I’ve done some testing, tether swapping, Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) swapping
, change joysticks, and the problem still persists. What can I do?

I’d recommend verifying that a very low resistance is present from your surface FXTI tether connection point to the ROV Fathom tether connection points (+ to +, - to -.) By using a multimeter to measure resistance, you can check that the connection is OK. If you measure anything more than a few ohms, try switching to another tether pair! Best of luck.

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Unfortunately, we carried out a more in-depth investigation and there are no results, not even a single image has appeared.

We changed the camera and it worked. However, it stopped working after a day of testing, it was noticed that the camera is getting hot on the IC region of the camera board.

Hi @JQuaresma -
Have you verified the camera works when connected to another computer, and viewed in whatever OS’s default camera application? If it is not possible to view (sometimes have to switch from integrated webcam) then the camera may be damaged. It is normal for them to be a bit warm when plugged in. Please reach out to support@bluerobotics once you’ve tested and we can help resolve from there! Please include the order # in your email if you can. Thanks!

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