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BlueROV Interconnect Diagram

(Paul) #21

I have a question regarding Slide 11 with details related to the ESC Connections.

I believe this indicates that the red wire (BEC 5V Output) on each of the esc signal connections should be removed “Because 5V not needed, cut the connections to avoid overheating”. Is this assuming the esc connections are made to the Pixhawk autopilot?

Wire name “BEC Output” (5v, 500mA) seems to imply that the BEC can be used as a motor controller and/or as a 5V power supply (for the Pixhawk?). Is this wire meant to be used to power the Pixhawk or other 5V device? Or is it meant for some other purpose. Slide 9 shows that we are using the 3DR Power Module to power the Pixhawk. I guess that makes the red wires on the ESCs redundant?

The diagram provided at http://docs.bluerobotics.com/besc/ does not show this mod to red wire in ESC wiring.

Can someone confirm that eliminating the connection of the red is is correct? and give some background on when this wire is/is not needed?



(Rusty) #22

Hi Paul,

You are correct that the slide indicates to cut the red 5V wire from the ESC. This is not usually absolutely required but is generally recommended. Please see here for the ArduPilot explanation regarding this: https://pixhawk.org/users/actuators/pwm_escs_and_servos

I have a few notes related to this:

  1. The Pixhawk does not supply power to the 5V rail, so if you are power a servo or other device you should leave one red 5V wire connected.

  2. I would recommend doing this with the Basic ESCs as we have had some heating issues in the past. This is a recommended step for the BlueROV2.

I hope this helps.


(Wayne Holtzclaw) #23

Good evening folks,

My daughter started putting her electronics together this weekend, and the tray assembly went well, but now she’s to the point of connecting the electronics and has some questions. The diagram shown in this thread shows a 6-pos connector from the 3DR power module to the pixhawk power input, Is this something I need to order separate, or should it have been in the advanced electronics kit?

Right now she has the battery going to the 3DR Power Module, then to the terminal board, and the “twisted” wires supplied with the advanced electronics going from the terminal board to the Fathom X - thus the way I see it, the fathom X is going to get full battery voltage.

But now we are confused as to how everything else gets power. The BEC has a red and black power input (I believe this should go to the terminal board as well), but where does the “servo” plug connect to?

We have the short Ethernet cable between the Fathom-X and the Raspberry Pi, and the USB cable from the Raspberry Pi to the Pixhawk

I just want to make sure she gets power to everything, and the electronics set up without blowing anything up lol

We read through the Blue ROV2 assembly manual, and while it was a good tool for assembly of the tray and the location of the electronics, it didn’t seem to have good schematics(?) - maybe I’m missing something

Any help would be appreciated.


(Jacob) #24

Hi Wayne,

Are you missing the cable or the power module?

This one should go to the 5V/GND in the corner of the Pi 40 pin header in order to power the pi.

That’s right. The Fathom X takes 7-28V input.

Here’s a generic diagram. I’ll make a note to add an explicit schematic for our product.

(Wayne Holtzclaw) #25

Thanks for your help;

I am missing the cable; the power module is complete, but no wire; I believe this is for battery voltage and amp recordings(?)

Would we use pins 2, 4 and 6, or just 4 and 6 and cut the 3rd wire on the servo plug?

How does the Pixhawk get power? Is if from the USB from the Pi? or is it from the cable that we think we are missing mentioned above?

Thanks a bunch!

(Adam) #26

Hi Wayne,

The cable for attaching the power module to the Pixhawk should have been included, sorry about that! Send us an email to support@bluerobotics.com with the best address, and we’ll get that sent out right away!


(Jacob) #27

Just pins 4 and 6 will do it. The servo plug should only have two wires connected. The Pixhawk gets power from USB, the power module, and/or the servo rail. It has circuitry to switch to the best supply.

Yes, you need the power module cable to get voltage/current measurements.

(Paul) #28


I believe this email went to me by accident

While I am the initial author of the BlueROV Interconnect Diagram on the forum, I do not believe I am missing a power cable for my ROV.

No Problems, Let me know if you have questions.

Appreciate continued support from Bluerov.


Paul Weiss

(Adam) #29

Hi Paul,

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(Paul) #30

fine sorry for the mixup