BlueOs + Raspberry Pi3 (Serial endpoint Invalid )

Hy guys, I’m developing a Rover project and initially installed BlueOS on my Raspberry Pi3 B, and it worked perfectly. However, I can’t update the firmware to Navigator due to a serial port error. I have little knowledge about this, but from what I understand, the serial port /dev/ttyS0 is not being detected. How do I enable /dev/ttyS0?

Hi, Can you check your kernel version? It is available at http://blueos.local/tools/system-information
check the “About” tab.
I noticed that a recent update from Raspberry Pi OS made some ports change on my setup, too.

Kernel 5.10.33-v7+
I actually expressed myself poorly. It works with Pixhawk. I can’t update the Navigator firmware.

Oh, unfortunately the Raspberry Pi 3 is not able to run the Navigator. It uses hardware peripherals (serial/i2c/spi buses) that are not available on a Raspberry Pi 3.

And would it be possible to use BlueOS with another board, like OBAL, for example? Because my project is really simple. I saw that there is a version of BlueOS called “support-non-navigator-linux-boards” but I’m not sure if it would work.

do you really want linux? usb/serial flight controllers should work fine, too.
I haven’t tried OBAL. afaik they have their own pi software

The project I’m developing is actually very simple, where I only need GPS and compass data. Since I already have a Raspberry Pi 3 and the sensors, it would be interesting for me to be able to use them if there was a firmware option.

I don’t think Ardupilot is going to be happy without an IMU.
I do think we should be able to add support for OBAL, though. :thinking:

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I’ve been researching a bit more and actually there is already firmware for Obal. Maybe it would just need some adaptation to work with BlueOS.
Certainly the combination of BlueOS, Raspberry Pi4, and Navigator is optimized, however, it would be interesting to be able to use lower hardware, especially for simpler projects.