Blueos bridge baud rate

I would like to know if in the Blueos bridge function there is any possibility of selecting a baud rate lower than 9600, as the instrument I have for interfacing only communicates at 2400…

Hi @VMartini,

I believe this is predominantly an interface issue, rather than an issue with the underlying bridges service, but currently the available rates are a hardcoded list of options that starts at 9600.

I’ve raised an issue addressing this, and brought it up with the software team, so we can try to resolve it. Adding 2400 as an option should be reasonably straightforward, but if we decide it’s better to have a custom input option instead of increasing the main list of options then it could take a bit longer.

Following up, we merged in some lower baudrate options, so it should hopefully be possible to create an appropriate bridge for your device if you install the current master version of BlueOS. It’d be great if you could test and confirm :slight_smile:

Wonderful, Elliot! This option was a perfect fit, it worked really well, exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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