Can not test the upload speed

Hi everyone,

We are testing the blueos with fiber optic cable.

When we connected our fiber to ethernet converter directly to raspberry pi we can not see the result of the upload speed.

How can we solve that issue?


Hi @ugurdemirezen,

I’ve asked about this internally, but given the other values are showing up fine I expect the fiber connection may just be too fast for the current network test to properly measure the upload speed. We may need to add some kind of secondary larger file test if the first one finishes too quickly or something.

Following up,

Here it is: (178 Bytes)

Thanks for the log.

I’ve been told

and I’ve raised an issue that you can track :slight_smile:

Hi @ugurdemirezen can you tell me a little bit about your set up? What fiber are you using, and are you using a fiber optic bulkhead? I’m just curious to see what is being used.