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Bandwidth and latency testing

Hi everyone,

Im interested to see what everyone’s Uplink and downlink rates are with reference to length of tether and if you are using a slipring or not.
My system is working great, but i have an uplink of 37 Mbps and a downlink of 48 Mbps. I have 275 m tether through a slip ring. not sure if this is good, bad or goldilocks.



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I would say this is really good.

I usually get around 25mbps at 300m.

For me, with 200m slim tether, 30 à 40 mbps maxi…

With 150m of tether and slip ring, with my laptop mid to upper 70’s up and download. With my toughbook a little less mid 60’s.

Thanks everyone.
It’s good to have some numbers to compare.
Looks like my bandwidth is certainly similar to others.