BlueBoat request for shipping date

Hi, we have preordered a BlueBoat for delivery early September.
We are sending emails to ask when it will be shipped but nobody is replying.
Any idea what’s going on?


Hi @pob747,

Apologies for the slow response here - there’s quite a long forum backlog at the moment.

Assuming this hasn’t already been resolved, can you

  1. check that you haven’t been receiving emails from us in your spam
  2. send me a private message with the email address you’ve been emailing with, so I can check with our sales team whether they’ve been receiving your emails

I would guess either you’re not receiving our emails or we’re not receiving yours.

Wave 2 of the BlueBoat preoders started shipping out early last week, so if you were part of that wave then you should have received an email from us asking for payment and confirmation of shipping details and the like.

Everything sorted out. Sending and receiving as expected.
And I received the BlueBoat last week and it looks really good!

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