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Delivery Time of T100 with BlueESC

(Jongwoong) #1

Dear Mr. Rusty,

I had a email ‘Pre-Order Available’ which has T-100 Thruster 5ea at 1 January this year.

My Pre-Order No. is #869.

But I had another email ‘Update on order status’ as follows ;
<div>T100 Thruster with BlueESC:

<div>- We are expecting to start shipping the T100 with BlueESC in March. We will be fulfilling orders placed through Kickstarter simultaneously with pre-orders.</div>
So I wonder when is I can receive the products.

I understand your company will busy with many orders.

I hope to get my order as fast as possible since I am building mini ROV for competition at March this year. So I need to have your thrusters to complete good quality of my ROV.

I look forward to hearing kind reply soon.

Thank you.


(email : aqua7cjw@naver.com)

(Rusty) #2

Hi Choi,

We’re expecting to start shipping thrusters with the BlueESCs in March and we can make sure that yours gets shipped as soon as possible. If you need the thrusters sooner than that, I’d recommend switching to the Basic ESCs. We can refund the additional cost of the BlueESCs since they are more expensive.

Please let me know via email at info@bluerobotics.com.