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Blue ROV thrusters in competition

(Jim Forbes) #1

My son Kevin is on a robotics team at the university of Arizona. They are competing in an autonomous competition Robosub put on by AUVSI Foundation. There are a bunch of teams there, I think close to 30. They ended up in 4th place so far, with the final competition Sunday, starting at 1 pm PDT (it’s in San Diego, CA, USA). Their AUV uses 8 of the Blue Rov thrusters…I guess they work just fine!

(Jim Forbes) #2

Looks like the Blue ROV thrusters worked great! The AUVUA team ended up in 4th place after semi-finals, and the results of the finals will be announced soon at the awards banquet.

(Rusty) #3


Thanks for sharing! Attached are some pictures that we took of the AUVUA team and their AUV.


(rohit ) #4

can you give me full details how you build with photos.


(Jacob) #5

@rohit, this was a custom project done by students for a robotics competition called Robosub. Can you explain what you want to accomplish?