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Blue Rov can't connect to the computer

Has anyone encountered this problem? There is no problem connecting bluerov’s umbilical cable to the computer, and the ip setting has been confirmed repeatedly, but it just can’t successfully ping

Just now, I found that the Rj45 port of the Raspberry Pi did not light up, and there was a red light on the Raspberry Pi. Is this normal?

Hi @Kingzeon,

As per our troubleshooting steps,

That’s normal, and indicates your RPi has a stable power supply (it starts flashing if the voltage drops too low). There’s a green light beside it which is on when there’s SD card activity ongoing :slight_smile:

That’s not normal. If the Raspberry Pi is correctly connected to the Pixhawk then both the green and yellow lights should be lit up or flashing on both RJ45 ports. I’d suggest checking that the cable is properly plugged in to both, and potentially trying a different cable if the LEDs don’t light up.

I have turned off the computer’s firewall.
Only the red light is on for the Raspberry Pi, but the green light is not flashing. This seems to be a problem with the SD card. I just pulled out the sd card and reinserted it and plugged in the power, the green light next to it flashed, and the rj45 interface can also see the light on, and QGC can also be connected normally.

The SD card shouldn’t be active all the time - it normally flashes a bit on startup and shutdown, and occasionally during operation, but most of the time the green light is off.

Ok, does that mean it’s working as expected now then? :slight_smile:

Yes, the flickering of the light is the same as you described.
Yes, it works normally.

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