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Bigger than 4 inch dome and aluminum tube?

Is it possible to buy bigger than 4 inch dome and aluminum tube?

Cheers from Norway

Hi @pob747 The 4" dome and the 4" aluminum tubes are the largest we sell at the moment. We’ve had some interest from other customers for larger domes and aluminum tubes so it is on our “to-do” list. What diameter and length are you looking for?

We would need 6 inch tube and dome.
We have developed a special camera rig and the 4 inch is just a bit too small.
Length is not decided yet.
We are interested if you guys maybe have some prototypes?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any prototypes right now of either component in 6".

Not Yet , I dont think so , Customization would be needed for it .

Hi Kevin,

We also have a requirement for a 6" aluminium enclosure in order to fit our camera.

Have you perhaps had any developments with with this in the past 6 months? Do you have a 6" aluminium tube available?

Regarding the dome, the 4" will be sufficient, but we’d need to fit that on the 6" flange - if you have any suggestions for us as to the best way to achieve this, I would really appreciate your help.

I have some stuff that may work, but it’s 0.750" wall probably good for 4 kilometer an would be way too heavy for the BROV. Lens is flat 2" acrylic.

This company…

…quoted me $140 US for an 8" acrylic hemisphere, free-blown, with a 1" lip and a minimum wall thickness of 1/2". I thought that price was quite reasonable. They seemed surprised when i told them it was going on an underwater ROV.

Aluminum pipe (cheaper than tube) can be ordered from here…

Aluminum Pipe 6061-T6-Extruded Schedule 40 -Part #: 12872
Outer Diameter: 8.625"
Wall: 0.322"
Inner Diameter: 7.981"
A 24" long piece would cost $207.57 US