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Larger 6" and 8" Domes?

(Mark Langille) #1

I seem to recall mention that larger domes may be coming for the large enclosures.

Any timeframe on those and what sizes will be available?

Looking at something for a camera gimbal setup and need something larger to syupport bigger camera and system.

(Etienne Demers) #2

I was thinking the same and then I thought an easier way to get around and have a greater tilt span would be to use the 6inch enclosure sideways and cut it shorter. Introducing a gimbal inside should not be too hard.

Something like what Seabotix does:

(Mark Langille) #3

Yes considering that as an option but would love to have 360 degree view. Coming from uav industry where we run dual operators with full gimbal control looking to duplicate that ability.

(Adam) #4

Hi Mark,

We do have long term plans to fill out our dome selection, but we don’t have an explicit timetable or any estimates at this time. Its good to know that 6" and 8" domes are desired!