Any plans for 950m 4" domes?

Much as I love the 4" cast acrylic domes, now that the alumininium tubes and penetrators are good to 950m, the domes are the obvious weak link. I know that you have aluminium end caps that can also handle 950m, but for a couple of reasons I’d rather be using domes. (Streamlining and transparency)

Is there any intention to upgrade the domes to match the rating of the new tubes?

Hi @psupine,

We do have plans to release a 4" dome with a higher pressure rating, yes. Unfortunately I don’t have a fixed timeline of when that’s likely to occur - there are some higher priority things being worked on first.

While that’s true of our highest spec enclosure components, it’s perhaps also worth noting that a variety of our accessory products are not currently rated to 950m, including the Lumen lights, Newton Gripper, several of our sensors, and both our buoyancy foam options.

Hi @EliotBR.

You’re right, the weakest link is only in the sense of the Blue Robotics parts that I use :slight_smile: