BaseStation wifi signal

Can someone confirm that out of the box a properly charge BaseStation should emit a wifi signal named BaseStation 2.4 ghz? I am pretty sure this is the case but i need confirmation.
My client ordered 2 blueboats and send one to me for customization. The one I am customizing is working fine and the pairing was straigthforward but the base station they have with the second boat don’t seem to emit a wifi. It is not visible for the boat radio nor a wifi laptop. Thus they can’t complete the pairing process.
What could be the possible reason?

thank you

Hi Charles -
You should hear a beep from the BaseStation radio after powering it on. If you don’t hear this, it could be the Radio is disconnected, or the internal switch is set to 5V - please correct this per this technical bulletin.
By default, the base station does have the SSID you mention.

A cable was disconnected in the base. Reconnecting it solved the issue.


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