Slow and Unstable WiFi Connection Between BlueBoat and BaseStation

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out to the community for help with a frustrating WiFi issue I’m experiencing between my BlueBoat and BaseStation. The connection is slow and unstable, with a maximum transmission rate of only 8Mbps. This is significantly lower than what I expected and makes it impossible to work safely. When the connection drops, I can no longer control the BlueBoat with the joystick, which is a major concern.

I would greatly appreciate any help in diagnosing and resolving this slow WiFi issue. Any suggestions or similar experiences are welcome!


Hi @JorgeBes -
So sorry for the issue. Have you modified any of the settings used on the Mikrotik Radios? Does the connection speed improve at close range? What bandwidth do you require for your application - the telemetry usage is typically less than 150 kb/s…

Assuming your antennas are not faulty, you may be able to improve performance by changing the region and gain settings used by both radios. If the following procedure doesn’t help, reach out to our contact form to determine if antenna replacements are necessary.
By default, the radios are shipped configured for etsi (europe.) If you are located in the US or Canada, the best range the system can achieve can be configured by setting the antenna gain to 0, and the country to UnitedStates3. We’ll have an update to the guide covering this soon, but in the meantime:

You should also adjust the Antenna Gain to 0, or if not in the US or Canada, this should be set to 6. You will repeat this procedure for both radios, located at and .
Don’t forget to save the settings, and then restart the radio.