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Bar30 Sensor PCB, modify for BNO055

(Tao Submarines and Systems, Aegean) #1

Hi, I would be interested to help modify open source electronics circuits for the Bar30 to enable easy interface with the BNO055 sensor breakout board as commonly sold on ebay.
Unfortunately OpenROV aren’t Open Source Hardware (and electronics) but your PCB is! The complete sensor breakout retails for about 15$ (ebay), whereas BlueRobotics dont sell any 9 axis attitude sensor, other than that integrated into ArduPilot.
Further the BNO055 sensor is a hard to hand solder ball package.
What do you think, 4 pins on each side of the BNO055 sensor breakout board, or 8 one-sided, to enable interaction with the Bar30 Sensor?

Alex Tao

(Rusty) #2

Hi Alex,

Since these sensors both go on the I2C bus, they can be connected separately to a splitter like the Pixhawk I2C splitter:


There shouldn’t be any need to modify the Bar30 board to be able to interact with the the BNO055.


(Rusty) #3

Also, the OpenROV Hardware actually is open-source. You can find their hardware repository here:

(Tao Submarines and Systems, Aegean) #4

Actually, OpenROV are not open source hardware, with the freedom to sell derived products. https://www.oshwa.org/definition. The Creative Commons Non-Commercial clause forbids sale of copies clones and derived products. Developing around this license is inhibitory, some feel…
Just like you currently do not provide sources for your chassis designs, either as Open Source Hardware, or CC-BY-NC -like OpenROV.