Bar30 Sensor not being discovered

Hello everyone. I’m building a sub with non-standard components but I’m hoping one of you might have some advice.

I have a Matek H743 Wing-V2 loaded with the firmware found here /Sub/latest/MatekH743. In the MAVlink viewer in QGroundControl. For the most part everything seems to be working fine with the exception of the Bar30 sensor. When I try to calibrate the pressure it tells me that no depth sensor is connected. I also don’t see it in the MAVlink viewer. The only pressure sensor I see is SCALED_PRESSUR which seems to be reporting correctly. I’ve tried attaching the Bar30 sensor to I2C bus 1 and 2 with no difference. I have also connected it to an Arduino and the sensor seems to be functioning normally.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks for your help!

I think I have been able to resolve the issue. I believe the problem was that the 3.3v power supply to the Bar30 sensor was not providing power until after the autopilot had powered up.

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