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Aux/relay comms between arduous and qgroundcontrol?

Looking to control/monitor the GPIO on a Pixhawk via qgc and arduous. Relays are enabled in settings, and I’m looking for MAVLINK_MSG_ID_ACTUATOR_OUTPUT_STATUS in the comms messages but nothing is transmitted, even after successfully triggering a change state in the relay via separate python script. Note that this is currently using the vagrant SITL, as I currently don’t have access to the physical robot. Thanks for any help!


This message is not used by ardupilot (does not appear in the codebase). There is no feedback for the current relay state, unfortunately.

technically, its ACTUATOR_OUTPUT_STATUS in MAVLink -



Yes, but it does not reflect servo state

I see, so currently the only way to communicate servo/relay/pin state is via RC_OUTPUTS?

I’m not sure what your suggestion is, or where you see RC_OUTPUTS as a potential source for this information. I checked yesterday, and it appears that the present relay state is not communicated at all by the autopilot.