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Aurdinio control Through Fathom S to control camera tilt + power on-off for accessories

(Oystein Skarholm) #1

Has anyone tried to combine the Fathom S and an Aurdinio to control part of the ROV, like light power switches etc on the ROV. reason for asking is that I have maxed out the the Pixhawk with two cameras with tilt and the gripper. I also have two BR switches that is manually operated to turn on and off power to the gripper and the USBL ( Or whatever is connected to the those outlets)
I would like to have a tilt zoom camera on the ROV but the way it is now I have run out of momentary ports.
Is there a simple way to run a parallel system over a twisted pair from topside computer through Fathom S down to the ROV fathom S and from there to let the Aurdinio control servos, power switches, lights and so on?

(Etienne Demers) #2

Hi Oystein,

I have built a subsea junction box with 8 relays and 8 ethernet port inside a 3inch enclosure. One of the port is used to connect to my network upgrade mod inside the BR2 4inch enclosure.

Alternatively you could put the fathomX in the junction box so you would not need my network upgrade.

I control it with my own software. Here are a few snapshots.


Relay buttons are green when pressed.
RED LED turn red if the button signal is received.
You can change the LABEL to whatever you want.
You can either click the relay button with a mouse, assign a button from the keyboard or a joystick.
You can change the transparency of the user interface


You can configure buttons as follow:


You can snap the user interface to all 4 corners


(Oystein Skarholm) #3

Looks very nice.
I understand that you sell your products on a professional level.
Can you please provide me with your company email.

(Jacob) #4

To answer your question generally, the answer is yes. You can add your own electronics and subsystems to the ROV. There are numerous approaches you may take. You may choose the best approach for you.

(Oystein Skarholm) #5

Thank you for your answer. Numerous solution sounds great but also a bit confusing.
Is the Fathom S capable of sending analog video and at the same time control servos, motors and switches via a single twisted pair?
Or, does it have to be connected to, say, an Arduino which in turn will control the the motors, servos, switches etc?
IF the Fathom S i connected to an Arduino, can everything then be controlled via a single twisted pair ?

Or am I making it to complicated? Can use the RasPi already installed to do this. Have anyone tried something down this road? Would be great help to get some advises in which direction to proceed.

Hopefully my explanation makes sense in a way that the reader understands whet I am trying to achieve.

(Etienne Demers) #6

Hi Oystein,

Sorry I did not see your post.

My email is info@deltarov.com


(Jacob) #7

You can use the raspberry pi and the exisiting communication link. You could do it with the GPIO on the pi, or you can connect an arduino to the pi so you don’t need another twisted pair to talk to an arduino. The best solution will depend on what you are trying to accomplish exactly and your level of programming comfort.