Ardusub website question

Is the information in the Ardusub website updated periodically to incorporate some of the issue that I see here on the forum? If so, is there a date shown somewhere for the revision.

New to all of this, so hopefully not too basic a question.


Hi @Medemt,

Yes, our website and documentation get updated regularly to reflect updated information, and things like improved examples. There’s an overview of our various resources here.

For specifically, that’s (currently) generated from our ardusub-gitbook repository. We don’t include explicit “last updated” dates on the pages, but if you’re interested you can see what updates have been made from the commits, and you can see things that need to be/are planned to be updated in the issues. Note that some commits and issues refer to structural changes of how the website gets generated, rather than just content updates.

We’re also in the process of changing our documentation building system and structure - the new docs are generated by our ardusub-zola repository, and we’ll be moving our existing docs and making new docs there quite soon. That’s currently hosted at, and will be moved over to once the old content has been transferred.

Thank you for the very detailed response.

The content and info on the site as well as the forum are very well done.


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