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Availability of 3.5?

(Kaos) #1

Hi there, I was wondering when the next stable release will be ready?
Between qgc n ardusub, there are functions I would like to use soon but am wary of using daily builds while my knowledge base is not up to speed yet.

(Jacob) #2

I’m working on it now. I want to get a release candidate out tomorrow, but I’m a little bit behind, so it may be during the weekend. We will have some people (do you want to volunteer?) test the release candidate for a week or two before tagging it as a release.

(Kaos) #3

Yeah keen to test for u guys. Team effort is easier on all:slight_smile:

(Jacob) #4

I’ve just tagged the first release candidate for ArduSub 3.5. I will update soon with details, where to get the firmware file, and how to upload.